Legacy Precious Metals Review

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Legacy Precious Metals is a full-service precious metals investment firm. They understand the importance of education and provide a no hard-sell approach, allowing you to make the best decision for your investments.

With competitive prices on bullion and a buyback program, you can rest assured that your investments will be secure and profitable.

Legacy Precious Metals also offers home delivery and fast shipping, so you can access your investments quickly and easily.

About Legacy PM

You’ll feel confident with your precious metals investment thanks to Legacy PM’s commitment to education, no high pressure sales, buyback programs, competitive prices, home delivery, and fast shipping!

With each client having a unique profile and goals, Legacy PM believes in a collaborative process of education and learning to come up with a tailored investment strategy.

Legacy PM has a no questions asked buyback program so that their clients can feel secure in their investment decisions, knowing that they can get out of their position without worry.

Legacy PM’s bullion is competitively priced to ensure that their clients get the best deal on the market.

With their boundless supply of precious metals, Legacy PM has the option of home delivery in an emergency situation and provides fast, safe, and economical shipping of any and all precious metals that their clients invest in.

Legacy PM’s commitment to their clients’ investments makes them the perfect choice for precious metals investments.

Precious Metals IRA

Gold and silver IRAs are popular ways for investors to diversify their retirement portfolios with physical assets. Silver IRAs offer a less expensive alternative to gold but can still provide stability and growth potential. Investing in precious metals can be a wise decision for those looking to protect and grow their retirement savings.

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Gold IRA

Protect your retirement with a gold-backed IRA and enjoy all the tax benefits of a traditional IRA while still owning tangible assets.

A gold IRA is an individual retirement account that allows you to invest in physical gold coins or bars. You can keep your existing retirement account, or roll it over into a gold-backed IRA.

It works just like a regular IRA, except that you are investing in physical gold rather than paper money.

Gold is an alternative investment, so it’s not tied to the stock market, housing market, or the economy in general. This means that regardless of what happens in the world, you can be sure that your gold-backed IRA will be safe.

During the 2008 stock market crash, those who invested in gold actually made incredible gains.

Investing in gold and precious metals is a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect your retirement from any unexpected economic downturns.

Silver IRA

Investing in a silver IRA is a great way to diversify your portfolio and ensure your retirement is secure no matter what happens in the world. Silver has a huge growth potential and its demand in global industries and manufacturing keeps increasing, making now a better time than ever to invest in silver.

Here are some of the main benefits of a silver IRA:

  1. Silver has huge growth potential.
  2. Silver is used heavily in technology.
  3. Tax advantages of a silver IRA.

A silver IRA allows you to invest in physical silver with the same tax benefits as a traditional IRA. It allows you to diversify your retirement portfolio and hedge against any market instability. Silver has a track record of reliability and stability and its demand is only expected to increase over the years. Investing in a silver IRA may be the right choice for you.

IRA approved Coins

Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver coins is an ideal way to diversify your retirement portfolio. Gold coins are often the preferred choice, as they tend to hold their value better over time, while silver coins provide a more affordable option with potential for growth.

When considering IRA approved coins, it’s important to research the coins’ purity, weight, and minting source to ensure you’re making a sound, long-term investment.

Gold Coins

Diversify your portfolio with gold coins from around the world – from the American Gold Eagle to the Austrian Gold Philharmonic – and reap the benefits of owning a piece of history!

Whether it’s the American Gold Eagle, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the Australian Gold Kangaroo, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic, the American Gold Eagle Proof, or the American Buffalo Coins, you can find a variety of gold coins to add to your investment portfolio.

The American Gold Eagle is a 24 karat gold coin issued in 1986 and is only made with gold mined in the United States.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is a 24 karat and up to .99999 fine, pure gold coin.

The Gold Kangaroo Coins, also known as Australian Nuggets, are pure gold coins produced by Perth Mint in Australia.

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic Bullion Coins were the best-selling gold coins in the world in 1992, 1995 and 1996.

The American Gold Eagle Proof Coin is IRS approved and eligible to be included in your self-directed IRA or Gold IRA, and the 2006 $50 Gold Buffalo coins are an inexpensive precious metal investment option.

With all of these options, you can find the right gold coins that best suit your investment needs.

Silver Coins

Moving on from gold coins, silver coins are also a viable option when it comes to investing in precious metals.

Silver coins come in a variety of styles and sizes, with each country minting their own coins. The American Silver Eagle is a popular coin, as it is the only official investment-grade Silver bullion coin in America. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are also well known, as they contain one troy oz of pure Silver.

The Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic is another popular option, as it’s produced annually by the Austrian Mint. The Australian Silver Kangaroo is a masterpiece from the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra. The 1 oz Indian Silver round from the Highland Mint is a popular choice as well.

Lastly, the 1kg Australian Silver Coin from the Perth Mint is a beautiful coin that features original artistry each year.

Invest with Legacy PM – Free Gold Guide

With decades of experience and no high-pressure sales, Legacy PM is here to help you make an informed decision and find the best investment strategy for you and your family.

Investing with Legacy PM is a great way to ensure that you get the best prices and services when it comes to investing in gold. Legacy PM offers a free gold guide that will walk you through all the aspects of investing in gold, from understanding the different types of gold to the best ways to invest in gold.

The gold guide is a great resource for anyone looking to invest in gold and understand how the precious metal works. It provides detailed information on the various forms of gold, the associated risks, and how to go about investing in gold.

It also highlights the importance of diversification and how to go about creating a diverse portfolio. The guide also provides tips on how to protect your investments, such as through the use of insurance and proper storage.

Legacy PM also offers an array of services to help clients make the most informed decision when investing in gold. They offer a comprehensive buyback program, home delivery, and fast shipping services.

The buyback program is especially useful in case of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Legacy PM also provides educational resources so that clients can learn more about the different types of gold and the associated risks.

Legacy PM is the perfect partner for anyone looking to invest in gold. With their experience, services, and resources, they can help you make the most informed decision for you and your family.

Their free gold guide is a great way to get started and begin your journey towards a secure financial future.

Gold Investing Platform

Investing in gold is easy with Legacy PM’s platform. They offer transparent pricing, secure funding, and customizable delivery and storage options. This means that you can rest assured your investments are well taken care of.

With Legacy PM, you can purchase precious metals directly online. You can select your coins and bars with real-time pricing. Additionally, you can roll your existing retirement account into a Precious Metals IRA.

Legacy PM also allows you to choose between having your metals shipped directly to you or stored in their vaults. You can securely fund your account through wire transfer, ACH deposit, or mail a check.

With their reporting dashboard, you can track your portfolio growth in real time. You can also set up recurring investments in gold and silver with their Legacy Builder. The Legacy Builder allows you to customize the dollar amount and percentage of gold or silver you want to invest monthly.

In conclusion, Legacy PM makes it easy to invest in gold and silver with their comprehensive gold investing platform. They are a reliable and secure option for investing in precious metals.


In conclusion, Legacy Precious Metals is a great choice for those looking to invest in precious metals. Their investment strategies are personalized, and their prices are competitive.

Their commitment to education and no hard-sell approach make them an ideal resource for investors. Additionally, their buyback program, home delivery, and fast shipping options provide convenience and ease of use.

Legacy Precious Metals also offers an IRA-approved coins list, free gold guide, and gold investing platform, ensuring they can help you with all your precious metals investing needs.